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Historical Photos

Sam Lindsay

Fire Station,
in the Basement of City Hall,
Marshall, Texas

Sam Lindsay
Nothside Fire Station
Marshall, Texas
(T&P shops in the background)

Sam Lindsay
(No date)

Richard &
Charlotte Lindsay,
Sam Lindsay's parents

Charlotte Hubbard Lindsay
Sam's Sister
photo taken
Liberty Virginia

Back of Charlotte
Hubbard Lindsay photo

Texie and Sam Jr.
(No Date)

Beulah Belle
(No Date)

Dick & Walter
on Pony
(No Date)

Walter, Beulah, and Dick
(No Date)

SuAn, Gerry, & Walter,
(Sam Sr. on porch)

Bill Roberts, Sam Jr.,
Dick, Beulah Belle,
Beulah, & Bonnie
(No Date)

Dick, Sam Jr., Sam Sr., Walter, Beulah, Josie, Texie
(No Date)

Samie, Gerry, Texie, Josie
(No Date)

SuAn, Gerry, Nona Beth Harris
(No Date)

House at 301 University
in the Snow
(No Date)

Clifton Jr., Lindsay Roberts, Jim Cadenhead,
Billy Roberts, Lonnie Gerry Cadenhead
in Back
(No Date)

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